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Time to get a new look of myLife Calendar? Our store is growing with new skins that will match your personality – your Digital Accessory. If you think there is a skin missing, don’t hesitate to give us an e-mail with suggestion!

How to get a new myLife SKIN


  1. Tap on myLife button on the lower left and go to myLife STORE.
  2. Choose your favorite skin by tapping on it.
  3. Tap the orange button with localized price.
  4. A dialog will prompt you to log in to iTunes Store with you Apple-ID and confirm the payment.
  5. The new skin starts downloading. When it’s done you’ll get a notification.
  6. Go to myLife SKINS and your new skin will appear in the list. Click the checkbox and enjoy!


How to restore previous purchased myLife SKINs


Have you got a new iPhone and want to restore your previous purchased skins? Or did you loose the internet connection while downloading your new favorite Leopard skin? Don’t worry, you can always restore all items you have bought from us!

First solution

  1. Go to myLife STORE.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the store and there you’ll find a button called ”Update and restore all purchases”. Tap on it.
  3. A dialog will prompt you to log in to iTunes Store with your Apple-ID.
  4. myLife is connecting to iTunes to check your previous purchases.
  5. Wait for the busy spinner that says ”Downloading purchases”. All your purchased skins now starts downloading to your iPhone. This can take a while depending on your internet connection speed and how many skins you have purchased. Just hang in there!
  6. Go to myLife SKINS and your skins will appear in the list. Enjoy!

Second solution

  1. Restart myLife Calendar completely.
  2. Follow the steps in First solution.

Third solution

  1. Delete myLife Calendar from your iPhone.
  2. Reboot your device completely.
  3. Download myLife Calendar from App Store.
  4. Follow the steps in First solution.